I'm a ranger of the Klaine ship.
Klaine and CrissColfer.
Chris Colfer, Darren Criss.
These people are all amazing and stunning. ★



In all the three shots, their feet haven’t moved at all. But I like how the space between them kept diminishing…

You can always see how safe Chris seems to feel with Darren. It’s obvious by things he’s said and his demeanor often in public Chris has a hard time with crowds but when he’s with Darren he looks so much more at ease. It was the same at Bryant park he just let his guard down and was being all silly even posing for Darren. It’s a way one is with the person who knows them best, with the person they know always has their back.

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Trust me, when I was in the Warblers sneaking onto stage at the night before a show was tradition. We had other traditions, but I can’t really speak about them.

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"I took this man’s hand and we ran down that hallway."

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We just wanted to be us, together.

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darren at comic con in 2012 


darren at comic con in 2012 

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